Love Lust & Life (MacGregor Family Book 1)

Lizzie Martinson is on a much-needed vacation in Miami from her stressful job and a harsh Chicago winter. While there she meets sinful and sexy Beckett. Their connection is instant and intense—the way only a vacation hook-up can be.

Beckett McGregor, also on vacation from Chicago, is unprepared for the chemistry he has with Lizzie. Unable to forget their passionate weekend, he makes a spontaneous decision to find her once he returns home. Together they’re like lighter fluid on hot coals and equally complicated.

Lizzie’s country club elite past and Beckett’s blue collar upbringing make their relationship difficult, and it’s hard to tell who’s making it worse—her sophisticated family or the salt-of-the-earth people who’ve always had his back. Beckett finds himself having to make an impossible decision: the woman of his dreams or the family that means the world to him.

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Beauty, Bliss & A Bed of Roses (MacGregor Family Book 2)

Corey Olivas has hit rock bottom. He’s lost his job, damaged his relationship with his best friend and risked everything, including his life, to save his sister. Now he’s going home from the hospital, alone… without anyone to help him recover. There’s no one left, except the one person he should stay away from–she’s forbidden.

Connie MacGregor has been in love with her brother’s best friend since he held her in his arms after the worst day of her life. She’s not a little girl anymore, and time hasn’t erased what she feels for him. But her family hasn’t forgotten how he betrayed her brother in the worst way possible–he’s off limits.

Will Connie go against her family to be with Corey, or will she walk away when he needs her most? Deciding could tear her apart, proving life isn’t a bed of roses when you’re forced to choose between your family and your heart.

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